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Union export lanka is an exclusive Sri Lankan(Ceylon) exporter of all types of high quality Ceylon cinnamon according to International standards.We only supply carefully selected products to our valued customers, as we know it is for the direct consumption of humans.Our product range and standard packaging are as follows:

We export all the above grades(except quillings) in 4 feet height bales weighing 40kg(100lbs)packed in a inner poly liner which is covered with jute hessian sacks or as cut cinnamon(3",5",6",8") in packs of 1kg polybags in corrugated cartons of 25kg or 40kg.We are able to provide cinnamon powder in 50kg polypacks or according to customer specifications in smaller packs.Buyer labels can also be provided.We supply quillings packed in 25kg or 40kg polysacks.

We are always ready to welcome buyer suggestions about packing and any other requirements.